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VR Game
One Two Hit
Role: Game Design and Unity Development
Duration: 2 months
This is a game I designed and built as part of Udacity's VR Developer Nano degree, a twist of the popular first-person shooting genera in VR to increase replay value.



The early VR market was full of AAA first-person shooting games like Robo Recall. While those games are highly entertaining, the act of pointing at enemies for hours quickly become mechanical.

Insipired by class games like Breakout, where one extra layer of physics lures players to come back time and time again, I wanted to explore a similar mechanic in VR.

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Some early inspirations

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To prove that with good game mechanics, the visuals don't have to be highly photorealistic to engage players in VR.

Game Mechanics

The ball has to bounce exactly once before hitting the enemy.

The core idea is that physics makes the aiming and shooting less laborious, and a hit more rewarding.

The player moves with one controler, and shoots with the other

Moving closer to one surface makes it easier to bounce off it.

Color matching and enemy speed variation keep the player challenged.