Hi, I'm Alan Pan.

Multiplier / Storyteller / Champion

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I scale design teams and maximize their impact.
I make the abstract tangible and create memerable experiences.
I challenge the status quo and turn creativity into reality.

Some visual artifacts I created over the years

Agency - Startup - Enterprise

I've done full circle over the last 10 years in UX. My areas of expertise are

  • Martech

    Leverage immersive technlogy to engage leads and build data dashboards for marketers to track and optimize campaigns

  • VR/AR

    Innovated interactions with Google Daydream controller; designed for Cardboard, GearVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

  • Product Management

    Experienced leading Product teams and launched 2 new products into market.

  • Design Leadership

    Built and scaled UX teams at startup and enterprise. Mentoring designers on ADP List.

Brands I've worked with

Leadership Style

Every leader is different. This is how I roll.


Micromanaging is no fun. With clear expectations and objectives, I’m a hands-off leader who create the space for my team to do their best work. No shouting necessary.


I care deeply if each team member is challenged and have the opportunity to grow. I provide honest and timely feedback for my team to improve.


Nobody likes to work with grumpy coworkers, not even remotely. I strive for a team cuture where we’re not afraid to make fun of each other and still hang out after work.

From My Mentees

"Alan is amazing! I've reached out to him twice now, and he is experienced, helpful, and understanding. Super patient, and goes above and beyond to help where he can. Thank you Alan!!!"

- Kelly Wong

"I really enjoyed my conversation with Alan. I left feeling like I got to see inside the industry of AR/VR and as an incoming designer it helped me plan my career map more effectively. He was very knowledgeable and gave boosts of confidence to me along the way which goes a long way for an incoming UX Designer."

- Joseph Johnson

"Talking to Alan was an amazing experience! His advice was highly practical and actionable. He helped me out with all my doubts! Would love to talk to him again."

- Sai Swarup Mohanty



- Learnings from the Design Leadership Program, Echos (2021)

- "VR's past, present, and future", Rotery Club, Taiwan (2017)

- VR panel discussion, Moment Design, NYC (2016)

- VR applications and future potential, RokoLabs, NYC (2016)


- Design Leadership, Echos Innovation Lab

- VR Developer Nano Degree, Udacity

- Sun Certified JAVA Programmer, Sun